Our Story

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for checking out our website. We love having you here! 

Little Blossoms opened its doors on February 25th, 2021. There was a vision of mine to find the perfect baby blanket for my baby girl who was on the way, to arrive in June. We searched high and low to find the perfect blanket, and nothing caught my eye. I thought to myself, why don't I create her a blanket. I could design something to match her nursery, and make it handmade from her mama. Well of course I jumped right on it. My husband, was supportive through the whole process and I can’t thank him enough. I taught myself how to sew and I fell in love with the hobby. Not only did I fall in love with the hobby, but I fell in love with making these for everyones little loves. Seeing the smiles on their faces still brightens up my day like no other.

I then thought, why not create these same special blankets for toddlers, adults, and even pets! I have a son Auston, who is almost 4 now and he just adores when I make him special blankets. He got a limited edition AVENGERS blanket, and let me tell you - he loves it! But I do also have a dog and he is definitely a lover of soft warm blankets. With  Little Blossoms we wanted to make our blankets more personal for you or a loved one. You have the option to pick from a bunch of pre-made designs we offer, or we would be happy to design something custom for you. Wether it may be a blanket of your sons favourite cars, or even a photo blanket to remember a loved one. We can make you a blanket for any occasion, simply just send us an email if you are looking for something to be custom designed. 

Jump forward to January 2022, and its almost been one full year of having all of you wonderful people in my life. Sharing this passion of mine with you and your families has been a dream come true. I have been blessed to be very busy with orders, that I needed to have a partner by my side. Who else could I chose besides my sister-in-law? Annabelle has been the sister I never had. She helps me with everything, so why not conquer this business together. We think alike on almost everything, and have very similar tastes. Whenever you get the chance, please welcome Annabelle with open arms, trust me she will treat you like family. She has a heart of gold. We are now both the faces of Little Blossoms and we have a bunch of new products on the way. Stay tuned!

Ps; Did you know my daughter's name is Khloey. She is the name behind the business. Khloey means "Blossom". She was my little blossom waiting to bloom into this world when I was creating this brand for you all. Khloey will forever be my little blossom.

Stay Safe.

Little Blossoms